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ANTIvor is one of the largest reliable companies, which specializes on theft prevention at commercial enterprises.  

ANTIvor company works on market of theft prevention since 1996. From 2003 until the present day the company is an absolute leader of the anti-theft equipment market.

Nowadays ANTIvor is the largest Russian producer, supplier and integrator of the theft protection systems. The geography of the company offices is rather wide and covers the territory of Russia.

The best qualified experts, performing all aspects of the company activity on high professional level, work in all departments of ANTIvor company.

The principle of ANTIvor professional activity is not to restrict the choice of a client but to provide him the optimal equipment, securing the safety of goods under given conditions, on beneficial terms.

ANTIvor enters the market with only best equipment, which has passed both serious tests at in-house laboratories and state certification. We offer our clients the equipment and accessories of high quality.

We create all conditions for simple and comfortable cooperation between clients and ANTIvor company. Large show rooms, professional consultants, equipment catalogues with detailed description of the systems, design studio for engineering of individual systems with house-style of a client, equipment and supply depots are at service of our clients in all ANTIvor offices. There is also in-house delivery service, maintenance center, guarantee for equipment and already paid service back-up.

Every ANTIvor engineer is an expert in the field of anti-theft equipment and provides professional mounting, setting, starting-up and adjustment. The engineers use only modern mounting equipment and expensive digital diagnostic and maintenance devices.

are situated in the largest towns of Russia. This number constantly increases.
All offices are professional and offer equal
high quality of ANTIvor.

280 engineers
guarantee the high-quality maintenance of all shops
at any settlement of Russia .

The majority of 750
company officials is certified of profiled
high education and specializes in particular sphere.
Among the company workers are professors
and candidates of technical sciences.

65000 clients
from 920 cities of Russia
have chosen ANTIvor company as a supplier
of anti-theft equipment and accessories.

We create such conditions that our clients co-operate with us with simplicity and comfort, regardless of their residence. Since 2001 ANTIvor actively opens offices in the largest cities of Russia.
Following the policy of equally high quality of equipment and services throughout Russia, every new ANTIvor office has the trained in central office staff, equipment depot, delivery service and Maintenance Center at the moment of its establishment.

Regardless of its remoteness, every ANTIvor office is the essential part of the company and uses the wealth of experience and knowledge, gained for 14 years of successful work in the market of theft prevention. Special attention is paid to professionalism of employees, every ANTIvor office holds regular trainings and workshops for employees of all of the offices - to maintain proper professional level, acquire new knowledge and to raise qualification of the company.

Two times a year General congresses of engineers, managers and directors are held in order to raise professionalism.
Weekly General telephone conference meetings, where employees share the experience, new important information.
Every second Online information about nuances of equipment operation, new methods of adjustment, compatibility and recent operation manuals for equipment of all producers are available through the unified computer informational internet system "CIS ANTIvor", consolidating the entire experience of the company, to every worker at any office every second.

If a Customer chooses ANTIvor company for the supplier of anti-theft equipment, we guarantee the optimal equipment, its mounting, starting and adjustment, maintenance at high level, regardless of the quantity and remoteness of shops in the trading network.

Our customers in every city of Russia are sure of high quality of the presented equipment and services.


  ANTIvor Maintenance Center is a unique large-scale maintenance structure for the whole market of anti-theft equipment. 42 objects are put into operation and about 133 are serviced by efforts of the ANTIvor Maintenance Center every day

objects every day
each equipped with 2 up to 115 theft prevention antennas, are into operation

coordinate the work of engineers throughout Russia and communicate with ANTIvor clients by telephone

are the high-class specialists in the field of antitheft equipment, who are able to perform the highquality mounting and servicing of the equipment of almost any production
Work team of ANTIvor Maintenance Center

System testing

Testing laboratory    Putting an object into operation


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